Monday, February 14, 2011

"Final Images 2009 - 2010" (Special Version)

The blog accompanying the late arrival of this video,  created in part for readers of SaveImageAs, deals with (among other oddities), the constantly announced but never accurate reports from Spain of Franco's imminent death,  convincing arguments regarding the origins of the "Wall of Sound" (experienced on many LP albums made during the 60's and 70's  of overwhelmingly rich and layered sound quality. The listener could feel he was being "Walled In" or surrounded by a music that had depth as well as as volume and could be  re-mastered in the Recording Booth (even as it was being performed) to accentuate lesser heard instruments as well as building sonorous sounds around the  spotlighted soloists regardless of the musical genre.  Just the use of an echo chamber had an intensifying impact of the Wall Of  Sound when heard through an AM radio or on a jukebox. This concept and the skill set of technical adjustments made by sound engineers, studio musicians and producers  that could consistently recreate the"sound" are popularly attributed to Music Industry legend, Phil Spector.  As I stipulated though, a very plausible, documented set of musical events in Paris during the 1920's and 30's make Maurice Ravel the likely visionary of this Wall effect. The piece of music which accompanies this Special Version is orchestrated and arranged from a piano piece by Ravel. You will know what I mean when listening the last notes. Even without the more sophisticated recording and playback equipment that came much later, the performed versions of previously "smaller" sounding pieces resulted in  "shimmering, ever escalating" waves of sound that predate the appearance of the Wall of Sound by possibly 40 years. The blog concludes by extolling the likely beauty if not mores of Pablo Casal's mistress ...(if Pablo Casals had a mistress.)
Such tempting morsels of information,  these 3 well marinated in a rich sauce of re-telling and wish fulfillment, will be returned to this very blog spot. In the meantime, it seemed cavalier to continue to promise something as Final as"Final Images" and not, finally, get around to producing it. In truth, it has been available to see on YouTube since December. But it was for readers here and users of Picasa Web Albums that this piece was originally intended.
So without further ado,  Play on MacDuff.

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