Saturday, May 5, 2012

An Image Only John Shade Could Love

BeFunky by bottom2topjk
BeFunky, a photo by bottom2topjk on Flickr.

If the name John Shade doesn't set off alarms, then perhaps the fact it doesn't should set off alarms.
Where would we be without "Pale Fire"? Not as far as we think we got when Kinbote's devilsh secret revealed itself. Nabokov's gift of allowing us the guilty pleasure of recognizing how misled we have been about 10 seconds before the characters in the stories realize the same thing is what inspired this piece. I firmly intend to submit it and myself at the Court Of Zembla and declare a mistrial if this John Shade tribute is not selected as one of the new images in the official Court collection. Van will be there, so it should be a rollicking time. JL

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