Friday, June 15, 2012

Fruit and Lace Galaxies

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Fruit and Lace Galaxies, a new set of images

These are 4 of the 16 images depicting the birth and development of a new galaxy.  Watching a recent series on television about the universe(s), a friend and I would often turn and repeat aloud one of the startling figures just cited by the unflappable narrator.
Neither of us said a word when some of the telescopic images filled the screen.

It set me thinking about different ways that galaxies might evolve. Given that evolution and the process of evolving involves images of a species or of systems growing and improving, the actual birth of any species or individual entity in a system is not greatly examined. Not an oversight as far as I see it, it's what happens after birth that seems to matter more from an evolutionary perspective.

Nonetheless, since the concept of the Universe carrying the DNA of the galaxies and solar systems within it was raised on one segment of this splendid series, I began to formulate a non-biblical view of the Creation.
In my galaxies, which bear unusual names just as did many described in the series, there are fertility cycles, gestation and birth.
So far the images speak to me and dictate my interventions regarding shadow, form, light and movement.
Just like any Creator, I may have designed these galaxies in my own image, but I for one believe it prudent to listen to one's offspring when they speak of their perspective on me and on themselves.

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